ISTH 2021

July 06, 2021

We're presenting several e-posters at the ISTH Virtual Congress July 17 to 21. Be sure to check them out during the congress and afterwards on Our Publications page:

PB0100: Validation of a New Kit for the Quantitative Determination of Chromogenic Factor IX Activity
PB0101: Comparison of a Chromogenic vs. APTT-based Factor VIII Activity Assay in the Recovery of a Pegylated Factor VIII Replacement Therapy in Plasma Samples
PB0340: The Impact of Inactive FVIII Antigen in Factor VIII Deficient Plasma on the Measurement of FVIII Inhibitors
PB0471: Comparative Recovery of FVIII Antigen with Various FVIII Therapeutic Concentrates Using an Improved 2nd Generation ELISA Kit

Abstracts are now available online at