Safety Data Sheets

Control and Specialty Plasmas
Product Catalog # SDS #
CRYOcheck™ Normal Reference Plasma CCNRP-05, CCNRP-10 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Reference Control Normal RCN-05, RCN-10 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Abnormal 1 Reference Control ARP1-05, ARP1-10 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Abnormal 2 Reference Control  ARP2-10 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Lupus Positive Control CCLP-05, CCLP-10 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Weak Lupus Positive Control CCWLP-05, CCWLP-10 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Lupus Negative Control CCLN-05, CCLN-10 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Low Fibrinogen Control CCLF-10 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Abnormal 1 Control CCA1-10 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Abnormal 2 Control CCA2-10 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Heparin Control CCH-10 SDS-001
CRYOcheck APCR Positive Control APCR-05 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Pooled Normal Plasma CCN-10-10, CCN-10, CCN-15, CCN-40 SDS-001
CRYOcheck CorPac™ CCCP-15 SDS-008
CRYOcheck Normal Donor Set CCNS-10 SDS-008
Product Catalog # SDS #
CRYOcheck Factor II Deficient Plasma FDP02-10, FDP02-15 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Factor V Deficient Plasma FDP05-10, FDP05-15 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Factor VII Deficient Plasma FDP07-10, FDP07-15 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Factor VIII Deficient Plasma FDP08-10, FDP08-15, FDP08-40 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Factor VIII Deficient Plasma with VWF FDP08VWF-10, FDP08VWF-15 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Factor IX Deficient Plasma FDP09-10, FDP09-15 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Factor X Deficient Plasma FDP10-10, FDP10-15 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Factor XI Deficient Plasma FDP11-10, FDP11-15 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Factor XII Deficient Plasma FDP12-10, FDP12-15 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Prekallikrein Deficient Plasma FDPK-10 SDS-001
CRYOcheck Platelet Lysate PNP-10 SDS-001
CRYOcheck LA Sure™ SUR-10 SDS-005
CRYOcheck LA Check™ CHK-10 SDS-005
Diagnostic Kits
Product Catalog # SDS #

CRYOcheck Clot S™,

Protein S Deficient Plasma Component

CCS-15, PS Deficient Component

CCS-30, PS Deficient Component


CRYOcheck Clot C™,

Protein C Deficient Plasma Component

CCC-15, PC Deficient Component

CCC-30, PC Deficient Component


CRYOcheck Factor VIII Inhibitor Kit,

Positive Control Component

CCIK08, Pos Control Component SDS-001

CRYOcheck Factor VIII Inhibitor Kit,

Negative Control Component

CCIK08, Neg Control Component SDS-001

CRYOcheck Factor VIII Inhibitor Kit,

IB-PNP Component

CCIK08, IB-PNP Component SDS-002

CRYOcheck Factor VIII Inhibitor Kit,

IB-BSA Component

CCIK08, IB-BSA Component SDS-003
CRYOcheck C&S Diluent CSD SDS-004

CRYOcheck Clot S,

Clot S Activator Component

CCS-15, Clot S Activator Component

CCS-30, Clot S Activator Component


CRYOcheck Clot C,

Clot C Activator Component

CCC-15, Clot C Activator Component

CCC-30, Clot C Activator Component

CRYOcheck Chromogenic Factor VIII CCCF08 SDS-010
CRYOcheck Chromogenic Factor IX CCCF09 SDS-011
CRYOcheck Hex LA™ HEXLA, HEXLA-7 SDS-009