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CRYOcheckTM Factor VIII Deficient Plasma with VWF
March 30, 2022

Factor VIII Testing and Introduction to CRYOcheckTM Chromogenic Factor VIII
August 26, 2020
With Richard A. Marlar, PhD
Professor of Pathology, University of New Mexico


Chapters (to skip to a chapter of interest, use the video progress bar)

0:00      Introduction
3:42      History of hemophilia
16:06    Overview of hemophilia treatment options
24:05    Assaying for Diagnosis and Treatment
36:13    Laboratory Protocols
45:57    Introduction to CRYOcheck Chromogenic FVIII
58:24    Common misconception about chromogenic testing
1:05:42 Q&A

Frozen vs. Lyophilized: The Value of Precision
June 3, 2020


Update on FVIII Inhibitor Testing and Introduction to the CRYOcheck™ Factor VIII Inhibitor Kit
May 15, 2019
With Connie H. Miller, PhD
Former director, CDC Hemostasis Lab